Planning a residential home is in fact designing a dream, where each apartment or house has its own unique character. The first step in designing and building residential buildings and houses, is an in-depth understanding of the client’s wants and aspirations. The aim is to translate the client’s dream into reality, by planning a stylish functional living space, creating the perfect match between the built area and the outside area, and protecting the residents’ privacy while utilizing the environment’s resources, and using materials of the highest quality.

Each house is a world of its own and it must be compatible with its residents, its environment, and should express the client’s nature, and serve as precisely as possible its inhabitants. A house is a work of art in its own right and therefore the compatibility and harmony between the inside and outside completes it.  Barel Architects, managed by Oren and Fanny Bar-On, offers professional expertise and many years of experience in private construction, and provides its clients with both convenience and warmth and also attentive, creative and innovative solutions.
Every house or apartment needs to convey a real sense of home, so Barel Architects is present throughout the entire process from beginning to end, paying attention to each and every detail, whether minute or greatly significant. For residential buildings, emphasis must be placed not only on the entire building and how it fits in with the built landscape, but also every apartment must provide its residents with a living space offering maximum privacy and comfort.

Barel Architects’ expertise in Eco-Tech enables optimal utilization of the surrounding terrain in the house design and construction, which leads to a long term financial saving for the client. By understanding the house’s environment, it is possible to save energy by taking into account natural lighting, the directions of air flow, and the various terrain conditions.
Barel Architects will accompany you throughout the entire process, from the introductory meeting and setting up expectations, through preparation of programs, suggesting alternative plans and selecting the ideal plan, assisting with obtaining building permits and compiling the actual building plans, right until the actual construction of the house.

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