When it comes to designing offices, Barel Architects uses its international experience combining it with its expertise in the state of the art ecological architecture and steel construction. The design trend is to create a welcoming, comfortable and convenient building for its inhabitants which is also of interest to its surrounding.

For the most part, the office building design is characterized by modern and contemporary construction, beginning with the building’s appearance which conveys a professional message, through the design which uses a variety of claddings making an artistic imprint that says something about the building and its interior organization. The design pertains to all the details – small and large, and takes into account the nature of the organization’s work, its business, and the demographic characteristics of the company’s employees. Therefore it’s necessary to create suitable public areas, boardrooms, precise office design, and more. Applying the principles of ecological architecture, the firm creates effective insulation against noise and external conditions, proper ventilation, effective lighting design, creating an atrium (a central space), proper acoustics, ergonomic comfort, esthetics, organizational hierarchy, brand and positional visibility, handicap access, and more.

The preparation for designing and building offices is complex. Beyond the design of the buildings systems, such as electricity, communications, fire detection, fire extinguishing, air conditioning, security, and more, it must also take into account fundamental questions regarding the nature of the company’s activity such as: do the employees sit in separate offices or in an open space? Does the company need a service call center or a reception area? Is there a need for storage areas? Is there a need for boardrooms? Is there a need for a kitchenette or will a coffee corner suffice? What are the company’s working hours in order to plan the suitable lighting, and many other additional questions.
The combination of numerous years of experience, and expertise in architectural design for numerous offices and organizations, have made it possible for Barel Architects to provide the clients with effective solutions that address the organization’s needs and budgetary requirements. The firm assists organizations and companies that want to build their homes sustainably for future expansion, or to renovate and adapt existing buildings to their needs.

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