Barel Architects specializes in the designing and building of commercial, industrial, and logistical buildings, including buildings that combine offices with commercial areas or industrial buildings. Barel Architects’ unique expertise in steel construction makes it one of the top firms in the field.
When designing any commercial or industrial building, various parameters must be addressed, like functionality, effective and economical design, usage of the right building materials with an emphasis on their high quality, and choosing the construction method that best suits the purpose of the building.  For industrial buildings, factories, packing houses, warehouses, and so forth, harmonious solutions are required that will suit the nature of their use, and have a contemporary design, alongside a compatibility with the environment and the owners of the business. It is also important to consider anticipated future development and growth right from the designing stage, taking into account that the business might grow and it may be necessary to expand the building or make some internal changes. Keeping this aim in mind, the office characterizes most accurately the client’s unique present and future needs, even before it begins to design the building. Regarding commercial buildings, the commercial needs for a marketing-sales visibility, for creating an interest, and for attracting clients, must also be taken into account, beyond the functional design. For a commercial center, the requirements of the various customers of each shop must be compatible with the entire complex’s design.
There are several construction methods used to build commercial and industrial buildings, such as: industrialized construction – modern construction, prefabrication, conventional construction, understanding and developing construction methods with steel construction, or alternatively, a combination of several construction methods. In order to make a decision regarding the best method, one must have an in-depth understanding of the pros and cons of each potential construction method and decide on the best method together with the client.
Also when designing commercial and industrial buildings, the firm combines the foundations of ecological construction, Eco-Tech, in order to give an effective and economical solution for insulation of the building, for its ventilation, for the use of natural lighting, and more. The firm’s staff is present throughout the entire lifespan of the project, from the characterization and planning stage, through obtaining the approvals and executing the project.

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